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Love it :)

Hehe.. I do love someone ,, but hehe .. just afraid to say :D huhu.. any advices ?? XDD no way XD

Tak Nak -,-"

Actually, today i must go to a wedding one of my cousin.. I didn't want to follow them because I don't want. but what can i do ?? i just a kids who follow he family rules ... so i gtg -,-" see yah !


See the title up there :D That's not my page but my old beloved adopted sister page's :) She make that page just for know a new person from other countries even Malaysia :) She got many ideas but she said, she want follow the flow of Malaysia singer... :DD funny ! WTV ! LIKE please and support it :)

Nothing ''.''

Hy guys :/

   Sorry.. no mood for today because the holiday become to end :/ sad but i don't mind... I thought when holiday want to hang out with friends but I suddenly lazy to out :/ HUH ! WhatEver ! I hate holiday actually, cause nothing  I can do when holiday.. Want to hang out but lazy.. So just on9 and watching TV.. but TV not too much.. Just watch this PC only =.='' BORING :OzZ Actually, all my friend didn't know my real feeling because they're not my true friends + i don't have any bestie for sure...


   Bahahaha XD Sab nak cite ni :)) Pasal sorg kwn baru dr Sekinchan :) Kami kenal dr FB je :) Tak tahulah cmne bole rpt ann.. Tak yah nak tahulah.. XD Semalam buat kan die blog sbb die nak :) Pas dah buat, die ade update pos pasal sab :D Mimi ni cantik + cute :D Cute kan? Dah ckp :) Bahaha.. *Jeles ni* XD tak de lah :D Sab lg cute aww.. tgk ni :D Bahahaha XD XD XD Kene tipu XD XD XD


Assalamualaikum :)
   Sab here! Today want to update a story but not really a story :D bahaha... You know Najwa Latiff? If know good.. If not just READ this...
Nama Penuh: Imratul Najwa Binti Abdul Latif
Tarikh Lahir: 23rd May 1995
Tempat Lahir: Batu Pahat, Johor
Status: Pelajar Sekolah SMK(P) Temenggong Ibrahim Batu Pahat Johor.
Facebook Fanpages: najwalatif
Twitter: @njwalatif

Isn't she damn cute?? OMG! I knew it :DD bahaha... ada usha Era FM tadi, tetbe jmpe lak video klip dorg kat studio.. Awesome.. search je Era k... ni gmba dorg :D

Cutekan? Geram betul tgk muke Shac! bahahaha.. Hopefully dpt jumpe kak Najwa ni.. Nak tgk cmne die kat luar.. Harapan je kan?
Tapi korg cbe fikir eh.. Perempuan.. TAK DIBENARKAN MAIN GITAR k... Sbb ape? HARAM! cubelah korg search kat google..JANGAN ON FACEBOOK SAJE... Ini FAKTA ! Sab ade beli buku tentang keajaiban ALLAH! dan dari situlah Sab tahu main benda bertali itu HARAM :) Tolo…
Hello ...
   I like someone.. but not really.. hahaha.. i do hate you but i don't want to tell you... hundred times i hate u now! u always make me ashame in front everybody.. u totally shit + GTH !
  Don't u think u are good enough because i know u are not the best and u try to be the best but u can't because u keep scolding a lot of people, just like me! --'



Here we go,        My story begin here.. I want to story about something.. but it's my way to tell u.. if u not get it just leave it.. ThankQ... I do have a hero (a lot of hero i guess) all of it Korean.. but before i know all the korean guy.. I like someone called JBieber..  He totally cute when his era's.. A lot of concert that he did and all of it very get supporter from all of his fans, just like me... I really think that selena gomez deserve to get him (actually not)...  After the korean come through all the world.. this guy not hot anymore :/ I'm so sad sometimes... JUST A SMILE OF HIM I WILL REMEMBER
Next, the korean fever come through !!! All of their face so cute !! 

Always beside you ://

Chris Brown You’ve got that smile, That only heaven can make I pray to God everyday That you keep that smile, yeah Justin Bieber You are my dream (You are my dream) There’s not a thing I won’t do I’ll give my life up for you cause you are my dream And baby, everything that I have is yours, You will never go cold or hungry. I’ll be there when you’re insecure, Let you know that you’re always lovely, girl Cause you are the only thing that I got right now Justin Bieber One day when the sky is falling, I’ll be standing right next to you, Right next to you. Nothing will ever come between us, I’ll be standing right next to you, Right next to you. Chris Brown You had my child (yeah yeah) You make my life complete (you yeah yeah) Just to have your eyes on little me Justin Bieber That’d be mine forever (ooooooh) And baby, everything that I have is yours You will never go cold or hungry I’ll be there when you’re insecure Let you know that you’re always lovely, girl Cause you are the only th…

Perhaps Love :/

eonjeyeottdeongenojee kee-eoknajee ana jakkoo nae meoreega neoro eojeereopdeon sheejak handoobeonssheek ddeo-oreudeon saenggak jakkoo neureogaseo jogeum tanghwangseureoweon ee maeum pyeoreeree aneel soo eettdago sasohan maeumeerago naega nege jakkoo mareul haneunge eosaek'angeol 
sarangeegayo keudae nawa katdamyeon sheejageengayo 
mamee jakkoo keudael saranghandaeyo  onsesangee teutdorok soreecheeneyo wae eejeya teulleejyo seorol mannagee weehae eejeya sarang chajattdago 
jeegeum nae maeumeul seolmyeongharyeo haedo
neega naega twe-eo mameul neukkeeneun pangbeop ppooneede eemee nan neeane eettneun keol nae ane neega eettdeushee ooreen seroehe eemee keeldeuryeojeenjee molla 
sarangeegayo keudae nawa katdamyeon sheejageengayo
mamee jakkoo keudael saranghandaeyo onsesangee teutdorok soreecheeneyo wae eejeya teulleejyo seorol mannagee weehae eejeya sarang chajattdago
saenggak'aebomyeon maneun soongansoge
eolmana maneun seolle-eem eesseottneunjee jogeum neujeun keu mank'eum nan teo jalhaejoolgeyo…

Family Gile -.-"


Adopted :))

Yeah !! All my adopted or i create a name,, STEPsister@brother xDD

This my little sister  Sis Isabela Sis Nidaan Sis Aliya Sis Aqilah Sis Nadia 
This my sister Sis Erma Sis Siti Hajar Sis Bcs-Chela Sis Caca Sis Ominie
This my brother Bro Amerul Bro Adam Eqy
If I got a time , I will put their pictures ;)) I will edit and also create a signature of me xDD  TaTa


^^ :) :D

All of that face just a fake , u know why ? Cause now I do have a really big trouble ,, I can't tell about what but for sure not about problems with my family :)
All the problems I solve it with a cool way ,, and not too rush to solve the problem or want to forget the problem , seriously I want to tell but I'm so sorry :) If u still want to know , add me at Facebook then inbox me ^^
Arigato ^^

Just Fine and Cool~

Elo,, :D For real, I still not buy anything for my Hari Raya. So what ? -,- I don't care about the Raya actually, but I do care to visit my lovely cousin in JB :) Miss them so damn much c: OMG !  Seriously miss my lovely sis there :)) Hehehe,, they do care about me and they ask me to not wear like a boy but I still wearing it :D They ask me to come there but please wear Baju Kurung :P But I don't care at all :D

*Nana Razlan :))

You so cute Fiyy :))
So cute right ?? Hehehe :) She so damn cute :DD With sweet and cute little DOMO :DD OMG ! So big ur DOMO xDD
Btw, see the last pictures oh her :DD OMG !!! I do love blue :DD Fiyy, keep on touch with me okay ;DD  TaTa ;))

My Sis *Fatin Nadiah :D

Lovely Ominie :D Hyee !! That's mine :((
Cute like my cat :DD I know her by kak Eiza :D Btw, my lovely sis is the leader of one of this dance group  REOS (Rebirth of Shine) My sis saw Erul AF9 :) Wa-La-We :D Nice one sis :) I not a big fans of him but if u snap pix with B2ST truly I jealous :)) Joking only mehh :DD I words :) I LOVE YOU :D

My Bro *Amerul Aiman :DD

So Damn Cool ;D Yess, this is Amerul Aiman :D He study in a college and work with his father at Sime Darby :) Firstly, I just add him :D But, suddenly I become her sister :D I like all of his pictures, it's just like a Korean Guy ;D Do like it bro!!! See, I told you ;D His pictures so damn COOL :D Totally love it bro :DD Hope you not forget me :D ThankYou because you heard all my problems before this :D I appreciate it :D

MP5 and Next Time :D

Hello fellas, busy with my exam but still blogging and facebooking.. hahaha Okay,, this time I just want to say sorry to the person who I had promise to create a story about them in this blog :) such as my my adopted bro *Amerul Aiman :) hehehe,, next time taw :) busy with exam now :) Now, feel like very free from thinking about you ;D yeah !! high5 for me man :D But, wait okay :) I'm not thinking about boy, but I thinking about other else okay :D Love it to think about that xD
Actually, I really adore with this one gadget. It is MP5 :) The new MPlayer.. Really nice one, not really expensive too :) Just about RM180 only :D So, I ask my mum and dad also :) Then they said, ok but next week.. Can?? I'm just,, what??!! Are YOU SERIOUS?? OMG !!!!! THANKYOU love you so damn much :DD :*

do i care?? -,-

Finally, dapat juga mix bahasa and igtkan nk buat shortform je :) tp klaw tak fhm pandai2 la kan :) ok ,, aku ada ramai kawan since aku masuk 2Arif,, ok la gak masuk klas pandai tp yg aku peliknye mse aku kat klas 1Arif aku just rapat dgn Diyana and Ummi saja :/
ok actually aku mmg ada byk sgt prob tp aku tak penah bgtahu sesape pun sbb aku rse dorg tak bole fhm aku :)
tak kesa la klaw nak tahu ke tak tp aku really dah boring dgn kau !!
mse aku nk update blog,, mmg laju la aku typing,, none stop,, myparents kluar then aku ade dgr kerete kat halamn. ok laa fine tak kesa tp tetbe je abg aku masuk bilik, aku tnye dorg asal nan kau ni? then dorg ckp dah kantoi nan parents aku.. dorg tu ckp je nak solat terawih tp melencong, sape je yg tak marah kan? lepas dorg dah kne mrh nan parents aku, dorg marah aku plak.. cm shit je :/ aku pun kne kot!!! mmg aku bengang gile la kan :( dorg slhkan aku sbb aku tak kol ckp ayah kat mane and watsoeve.. ade ke aku kesa?? aku takde kedit pun kan ??
akk angk…

i not stupid too *tuesday 9/8/2011

Let's the story begin, just now I watching 'Aku Tak Bodoh' I thought the story are new but I'm seriously wrong. The story adaption by I Not Stupid Too but in Chinese languages.  When watching in Chinese Lang,, barely boring :/  That's means in Malay totally fun :D Because I know what the words that are them talking about.  Actually, I do hate watching online, you also know right? It must be buffering! -,-'' I hate it too much :/ This story really like my life's because everything I did still didn't give any sense for my family :( But I still hoping! I swear want to get 8A's in my coming soon PMR in 2012.
 Then get out from my school :) Really enjoyed rejected SMK Aminuddin Baki @ SAB :)) Even the school are so famous, who cares?? You cares? I don't even care about it xD What ever :))  Btw, new lesson for me was someone call me stupidity yesterday -,-'' 
WhatTheHell are you talking about idiot??  You didn't think what the hell are u saying t…

All About You *Saturday 6/8/2011

You're too nice for me :D I fall in love with you as friends :D

I has a such as nice friend, her name is Shaidatul Amiera. Cute her name :D  I like it mann :))  I know her by Reixi,, so cute :)) lovely person ever i see :) She also pretty for me :) I think she the best friend ever in my life :D We be the best friend :))
I do to be your bestie !!!! ______________________________________________
Next story about my lovely sister :)

I know her this year through the table xD funny :D I can't believe it :) Just know her like that :) Actually, Sis Liyana was my mom ex-student :) Then, I know,, but still didn't recognize her :)) Lovely meet up :D  I guess want to meet her at one place but too scared to say :))
Btw, I think want to ask her to see my blog, but she already read my blog xD
hahahahahahhahahaha xD

One more person that I love :)) It's Linda her name :))
She do love sketching :)) I love all of her drawing :))

That girl …

Hyee!! Not More Online :D

Hye, dear. Now, I want to say that I not online all my social site anymore such as FACEBOOK, YAHOO, SKYPE, GMAIL, YOUTUBE and more. Because of all my FACEBOOK friends :(( emm, truly sick with all of you  :(( if you want to say I'm an arrogant, you may say so because starting for now I not really care anymore :( I really getting bored of you :( To be honest, I truly love my old FACEBOOK 'NurSab Mealways'. You still in my heart Hun!!! By the way, who cares right?? So, just fine :( I just online through this BLOG only because I want to update my Blog :D Yeah ;) Emm. I think, you don't even care..  Right?  Never mind :'(
Post by NurSab Yoseob =]

Pluto's Party *Friday 29/7/11

Hey there! More story to mory with you all, today I felt so happy, guess what, WE HAVE A PARTY!! I really happy with that!! Let me tell you the story, firstly, no one plan to make a party for the Marching Members including who teaching us, so my mom ordered a cake without my notice, she said, she want to surprise me! I do love you mom! :)
Then on Thursday, I told to my Marching teacher it was Miss Hafiza, she said it's up to us, so I call the Marching members to bring their own food on Friday, but when I come to school, I ask all the form 1 student, I ask them, what do you bring? then they replied, nothing because they won't to join us. =.='' I just, emm ok fine. On my mood on that time, really hating them so much! Just a few students, I guess just 1 person.. I guess. I thought everything gone a be ruin, but I'm wrong, everything fine back when all the boys brought their own food :) I really happy with them! Eating festivals should be start at 12.30PM but it was delay…

*Just Fine In School* Thursday 28/7/11

Ok, now want to update again for my blog! Emm, ok, let's start when I reached to my school. When I reached the school, I saw in the hall were very crowded. Then I thought others school come to my school *again* but it's wrong. In the hall, had form 4 student, it's was a programmed for them to choose a college for their future. That's I not mind at all, but suddenly it's happening. Guess what!! I saw Sis Sha and SisUmi!!! xD xD xD . Unbelievable right? hahahaha. I'm not scared anymore to
Sis Sha, now I'm just fine! hahaha. I also able to talk with her!!
xD Cannot believe it!! ______________________________________________ Every Thursday will enter 4Sc2 class. As usual we didn't use the class because we have to enter the laboratory *Science Subject* but today we use the class until the Science lesson end, about 1 hour I guess. I really excited about that!! =] In my class has one sis, her name is Sis Liyana. She didn't come to school about two days! Seri…

27/7/11 (Wednesday)*Last KOKO Day's*

Just now feel like want to update my blog. Suddenly, tonight a lot of people chat and walling with me at Facebook :D I should be proud but I'm already exhausted enough. I have a story about my school for today, I just woke up from my bed at 7.20AM then I reached school at 7.59AM by using a car.  The teacher already told us, today had Aerobic Exercises, *ok finee :D* but I don't realize the instructor is Sis ShaSha and Sis Umi and one more of their friends *watevee* =) I prefer to --->(Skip my story) Zarifah had ordered the name who was made from a rope, then she gave to the both Sis. Not jealous but just a liltle bit. I guess. Btw, I'm just fine =)(=  Today, everywhere I walk I will saw Sis, at the canteen, gym, street walking and other. It's just want to make me Laugh Out Loud *LOL* xDxDxD *aches hit* A lot of people now say I'm a hot *guy*. Actually its not true, because wrong gender! xD! My gender is a female! *LOL* Nice and a good funny story! But who's care…