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Pluto's Party *Friday 29/7/11

Hey there! More story to mory with you all, today I felt so happy, guess what, WE HAVE A PARTY!! I really happy with that!! Let me tell you the story, firstly, no one plan to make a party for the Marching Members including who teaching us, so my mom ordered a cake without my notice, she said, she want to surprise me! I do love you mom! :)
Then on Thursday, I told to my Marching teacher it was Miss Hafiza, she said it's up to us, so I call the Marching members to bring their own food on Friday, but when I come to school, I ask all the form 1 student, I ask them, what do you bring? then they replied, nothing because they won't to join us. =.='' I just, emm ok fine. On my mood on that time, really hating them so much! Just a few students, I guess just 1 person.. I guess. I thought everything gone a be ruin, but I'm wrong, everything fine back when all the boys brought their own food :) I really happy with them! Eating festivals should be start at 12.30PM but it was delay…

*Just Fine In School* Thursday 28/7/11

Ok, now want to update again for my blog! Emm, ok, let's start when I reached to my school. When I reached the school, I saw in the hall were very crowded. Then I thought others school come to my school *again* but it's wrong. In the hall, had form 4 student, it's was a programmed for them to choose a college for their future. That's I not mind at all, but suddenly it's happening. Guess what!! I saw Sis Sha and SisUmi!!! xD xD xD . Unbelievable right? hahahaha. I'm not scared anymore to
Sis Sha, now I'm just fine! hahaha. I also able to talk with her!!
xD Cannot believe it!! ______________________________________________ Every Thursday will enter 4Sc2 class. As usual we didn't use the class because we have to enter the laboratory *Science Subject* but today we use the class until the Science lesson end, about 1 hour I guess. I really excited about that!! =] In my class has one sis, her name is Sis Liyana. She didn't come to school about two days! Seri…

27/7/11 (Wednesday)*Last KOKO Day's*

Just now feel like want to update my blog. Suddenly, tonight a lot of people chat and walling with me at Facebook :D I should be proud but I'm already exhausted enough. I have a story about my school for today, I just woke up from my bed at 7.20AM then I reached school at 7.59AM by using a car.  The teacher already told us, today had Aerobic Exercises, *ok finee :D* but I don't realize the instructor is Sis ShaSha and Sis Umi and one more of their friends *watevee* =) I prefer to --->(Skip my story) Zarifah had ordered the name who was made from a rope, then she gave to the both Sis. Not jealous but just a liltle bit. I guess. Btw, I'm just fine =)(=  Today, everywhere I walk I will saw Sis, at the canteen, gym, street walking and other. It's just want to make me Laugh Out Loud *LOL* xDxDxD *aches hit* A lot of people now say I'm a hot *guy*. Actually its not true, because wrong gender! xD! My gender is a female! *LOL* Nice and a good funny story! But who's care…