27/7/11 (Wednesday)*Last KOKO Day's*

Just now feel like want to update my blog. Suddenly, tonight a lot of people chat and walling with me at Facebook :D I should be proud but I'm already exhausted enough. I have a story about my school for today, I just woke up from my bed at 7.20AM then I reached school at 7.59AM by using a car. 
The teacher already told us, today had Aerobic Exercises, *ok finee :D* but I don't realize the instructor is Sis ShaSha and Sis Umi and one more of their friends *watevee* =)
I prefer to --->(Skip my story) Zarifah had ordered the name who was made from a rope, then she gave to the both Sis. Not jealous but just a liltle bit. I guess. Btw, I'm just fine =)(= 
Today, everywhere I walk I will saw Sis, at the canteen, gym, street walking and other. It's just want to make me Laugh Out Loud *LOL* xDxDxD *aches hit*
A lot of people now say I'm a hot *guy*. Actually its not true, because wrong gender! xD! My gender is a female! *LOL* Nice and a good funny story! But who's cares?? Someone gone a *puke* xD
Let's the story begins,, now, yesterday I slept at 2.00AM, I thought it was just fine but when the teachers are teaching, my eyes look sleepy. Luckily, I'm not the person who's loves sleeping in the class not like my friends. The most significant when History lessons. 
I don't know why.... But then I just fine :D When the break, I company one of my friend go for her prayer, just done all break, I ask Zarifah *do you see Sis ShaSha?* then she replied *just now I eat with her at the same table :D* (in my heart just =.='') -NeverMind-

The End by NurSab Yoseob:]


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