*Just Fine In School* Thursday 28/7/11

Ok, now want to update again for my blog! Emm, ok, let's start when I reached to my school. When I reached the school, I saw in the hall were very crowded. Then I thought others school come to my school *again* but it's wrong. In the hall, had form 4 student, it's was a programmed for them to choose a college for their future.
That's I not mind at all, but suddenly it's happening. Guess what!! I saw Sis Sha and Sis Umi!!! xD xD xD . Unbelievable right? hahahaha. I'm not scared anymore to  
Sis Sha, now I'm just fine! hahaha. I also able to talk with her!!
xD Cannot believe it!!
Every Thursday will enter 4Sc2 class. As usual we didn't use the class because we have to enter the laboratory *Science Subject* but today we use the class until the Science lesson end, about 1 hour I guess. I really excited about that!! =]
In my class has one sis, her name is Sis Liyana. She didn't come to school about two days! Seriously I miss her :'(  Emm, what I can do?? Never mind !! Really feel want to meet her!! Please come back to school!

Hehehe, on that time i really hyper active dude! Can't to say anything and nobody can't stop me!! But the active lost when I totally exhausted because I just ran from the Library to the Hall! Exhausted man!! My the only water I have is just a can of 100Plus! Truly, need water but then I'm fine!!
When the Sivik lesson, I just shut up at my own place, my friends said *are u okay? me, just fine, exhausted lil bit. MyFriends, hahaha, good for u!* xDxDxD But not too long, suddenly my energy come back! OMG! Unbelieveable!!!
When the PJK started, I thought I can't get A because before this also never got A's. xD But suddenly it surprising me! I got an A's!! Wa-La-We!! I<3 it.
All my Segak Test completed enough! Hehehe. It's still got a few minutes left, so I didn't know what should I do, then I went to Kugashini and Malda then cheer them up because them complaining *boring*. So I told a story about a ghost stories it was *Karak*. I thought them will fear but I'm wrong, they were laughing, hahaha, really weird-o. But, emm I don't mind even because my style delivered the story in a funny way=] Thanks for laughing! =]
The End by Nursab Yoseob=]


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