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Pluto's Party *Friday 29/7/11

Hey there! More story to mory with you all, today I felt so happy, guess what, WE HAVE A PARTY!! I really happy with that!! Let me tell you the story, firstly, no one plan to make a party for the Marching Members including who teaching us, so my mom ordered a cake without my notice, she said, she want to surprise me!
I do love you mom! :)
Miss Hafiza :)
Then on Thursday, I told to my Marching teacher it was Miss Hafiza, she said it's up to us, so I call the Marching members to bring their own food on Friday, but when I come to school, I ask all the form 1 student, I ask them, what do you bring? then they replied, nothing because they won't to join us. =.='' I just, emm ok fine. On my mood on that time, really hating them so much! Just a few students, I guess just 1 person.. I guess. I thought everything gone a be ruin, but I'm wrong, everything fine back when all the boys brought their own food :)
I really happy with them! Eating festivals should be start at 12.30PM but it was delay to 12.50PM because we were waiting for our teacher, then I told all my members, You may eat now, just forget about the teachers, them will be come here but no time. Firstly, we just scared to eat without the teachers, then we think about the boys who wants pray because it's Friday. So, we just eat and eat and eat, we did a lot of noised in the canteen and never recognized there were a lot of student were watching us. Hehehe. When we eating, I told my friends, why do you didn't call      Sis ShaSha and Sis Umi? they replied, Sis Umi was fasting, Sis ShaSha on the way :) Me just, ouh ok! Suddenly,  Sis ShaSha came through the canteen.  
My reaction just, emm ohh heee :P 
After cream Game :))
When, Sis ShaSha took the cream from my cake, I thought she want to eat it but she play with it. The cream should be in mouth but the cream went to face xD It's all began with Sis ShaSha, then all of us joining. On that time, no more boys because they had gone for pray. Luckily or not I think Sis ShaSha want to make on my face but greatly I just said 'no thanks'. So it's means I don't joining them! Happy. When Sis ShaSha walked to leave us, our teachers came! We're very happy! My cake almost finished you know.. Poor to my teacher! :'( But still have! Don't worry teacher, we already left for you! 
All of us already finished eating so it's cleaning time but Zaza and Me went to library to give some food for Sis ShaSha and Sis Umi, me hold Sis ShaSha while Zaza hold Sis Umi xD. Already gave the food, they said very thank you for the Party and all the food very yummy :)) We just reply, you're welcome Sis! Then, I thought want to go back to canteen but Sis ShaSha ask me to snap some pictures with them. I denied because I really shamed of that. They been forcing me quite long too, luckily Zaza said she want to snap picture with them, so just snap their picture. After done snapping, she still forcing, then I just, ok fine :) I stand beside Sis Umi but then she ask me to stand at the middle. I just OMG!! 
Done snap! Just one photo enough :) ! 
On that time I totally happy with it!! Just want to scream out loud!!!
Pluto's Marching =]

Truly gone a miss all of you! :'( Wait, all of that just a girl's no boys because they still praying :D All of us already do the best for Pluto's =] so chaiyook for the future Pluto's :)
Kak Sha and Kak Umi
All of us just want to say thank you very much because teach us marching, even sometimes we had been punished :) xD Really funny, btw, both of you still in our heart -especially me- love you !
Everything were just fine, when English lesson, Ms Leong ask me for take a speech on fourth week of August. The title for my speech is 'How to manage our free time' (I guess) Not remembered enough! :P Hehe.
But the happy time not too long, when the KH subject my friend ask me for wait for her because she wanted to finish her BM folio, suddenly, the teacher get mad because we late about 30 minutes! OMG! I didn't recognized about that. So the teacher ask us to finished our woods before go back home or not we must stay here until finished. I very rushing and don't even cares about anybody else! Just in 20 minutes my woods completely done! Yeah! I love it. My friends who were in the workshop still not finshed yet. When I want to ask about the glue for my woods, I really scared firstly, then the teacher do it for me! Luckily!! :) Regret! Next time no more late!!!
Wait before I'm done with updating, one more story. Sis Liyana commented on my status and she said I'm sorry because I not in the class because of the seminar:) Then I just, ok I don't mind :))
Post by NurSab Yoseob =]


Yoying Chirping !

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