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Just Fine and Cool~

Elo,, :D For real, I still not buy anything for my Hari Raya. So what ? -,- I don't care about the Raya actually, but I do care to visit my lovely cousin in JB :) Miss them so damn much c: OMG !  Seriously miss my lovely sis there :)) Hehehe,, they do care about me and they ask me to not wear like a boy but I still wearing it :D They ask me to come there but please wear Baju Kurung :P But I don't care at all :D

*Nana Razlan :))

You so cute Fiyy :))
So cute right ?? Hehehe :) She so damn cute :DD With sweet and cute little DOMO :DD OMG ! So big ur DOMO xDD
Btw, see the last pictures oh her :DD OMG !!! I do love blue :DD Fiyy, keep on touch with me okay ;DD  TaTa ;))

My Sis *Fatin Nadiah :D

Lovely Ominie :D Hyee !! That's mine :((
Cute like my cat :DD I know her by kak Eiza :D Btw, my lovely sis is the leader of one of this dance group  REOS (Rebirth of Shine) My sis saw Erul AF9 :) Wa-La-We :D Nice one sis :) I not a big fans of him but if u snap pix with B2ST truly I jealous :)) Joking only mehh :DD I words :) I LOVE YOU :D

My Bro *Amerul Aiman :DD

So Damn Cool ;D Yess, this is Amerul Aiman :D He study in a college and work with his father at Sime Darby :) Firstly, I just add him :D But, suddenly I become her sister :D I like all of his pictures, it's just like a Korean Guy ;D Do like it bro!!! See, I told you ;D His pictures so damn COOL :D Totally love it bro :DD Hope you not forget me :D ThankYou because you heard all my problems before this :D I appreciate it :D

MP5 and Next Time :D

Hello fellas, busy with my exam but still blogging and facebooking.. hahaha Okay,, this time I just want to say sorry to the person who I had promise to create a story about them in this blog :) such as my my adopted bro *Amerul Aiman :) hehehe,, next time taw :) busy with exam now :) Now, feel like very free from thinking about you ;D yeah !! high5 for me man :D But, wait okay :) I'm not thinking about boy, but I thinking about other else okay :D Love it to think about that xD
Actually, I really adore with this one gadget. It is MP5 :) The new MPlayer.. Really nice one, not really expensive too :) Just about RM180 only :D So, I ask my mum and dad also :) Then they said, ok but next week.. Can?? I'm just,, what??!! Are YOU SERIOUS?? OMG !!!!! THANKYOU love you so damn much :DD :*

do i care?? -,-

Finally, dapat juga mix bahasa and igtkan nk buat shortform je :) tp klaw tak fhm pandai2 la kan :) ok ,, aku ada ramai kawan since aku masuk 2Arif,, ok la gak masuk klas pandai tp yg aku peliknye mse aku kat klas 1Arif aku just rapat dgn Diyana and Ummi saja :/
ok actually aku mmg ada byk sgt prob tp aku tak penah bgtahu sesape pun sbb aku rse dorg tak bole fhm aku :)
tak kesa la klaw nak tahu ke tak tp aku really dah boring dgn kau !!
mse aku nk update blog,, mmg laju la aku typing,, none stop,, myparents kluar then aku ade dgr kerete kat halamn. ok laa fine tak kesa tp tetbe je abg aku masuk bilik, aku tnye dorg asal nan kau ni? then dorg ckp dah kantoi nan parents aku.. dorg tu ckp je nak solat terawih tp melencong, sape je yg tak marah kan? lepas dorg dah kne mrh nan parents aku, dorg marah aku plak.. cm shit je :/ aku pun kne kot!!! mmg aku bengang gile la kan :( dorg slhkan aku sbb aku tak kol ckp ayah kat mane and watsoeve.. ade ke aku kesa?? aku takde kedit pun kan ??
akk angk…

i not stupid too *tuesday 9/8/2011

Let's the story begin, just now I watching 'Aku Tak Bodoh' I thought the story are new but I'm seriously wrong. The story adaption by I Not Stupid Too but in Chinese languages.  When watching in Chinese Lang,, barely boring :/  That's means in Malay totally fun :D Because I know what the words that are them talking about.  Actually, I do hate watching online, you also know right? It must be buffering! -,-'' I hate it too much :/ This story really like my life's because everything I did still didn't give any sense for my family :( But I still hoping! I swear want to get 8A's in my coming soon PMR in 2012.
 Then get out from my school :) Really enjoyed rejected SMK Aminuddin Baki @ SAB :)) Even the school are so famous, who cares?? You cares? I don't even care about it xD What ever :))  Btw, new lesson for me was someone call me stupidity yesterday -,-'' 
WhatTheHell are you talking about idiot??  You didn't think what the hell are u saying t…

All About You *Saturday 6/8/2011

You're too nice for me :D I fall in love with you as friends :D

I has a such as nice friend, her name is Shaidatul Amiera. Cute her name :D  I like it mann :))  I know her by Reixi,, so cute :)) lovely person ever i see :) She also pretty for me :) I think she the best friend ever in my life :D We be the best friend :))
I do to be your bestie !!!! ______________________________________________
Next story about my lovely sister :)

I know her this year through the table xD funny :D I can't believe it :) Just know her like that :) Actually, Sis Liyana was my mom ex-student :) Then, I know,, but still didn't recognize her :)) Lovely meet up :D  I guess want to meet her at one place but too scared to say :))
Btw, I think want to ask her to see my blog, but she already read my blog xD
hahahahahahhahahaha xD

One more person that I love :)) It's Linda her name :))
She do love sketching :)) I love all of her drawing :))

That girl …

Hyee!! Not More Online :D

Hye, dear. Now, I want to say that I not online all my social site anymore such as FACEBOOK, YAHOO, SKYPE, GMAIL, YOUTUBE and more. Because of all my FACEBOOK friends :(( emm, truly sick with all of you  :(( if you want to say I'm an arrogant, you may say so because starting for now I not really care anymore :( I really getting bored of you :( To be honest, I truly love my old FACEBOOK 'NurSab Mealways'. You still in my heart Hun!!! By the way, who cares right?? So, just fine :( I just online through this BLOG only because I want to update my Blog :D Yeah ;) Emm. I think, you don't even care..  Right?  Never mind :'(
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