All About You *Saturday 6/8/2011

You're too nice for me :D I fall in love with you as friends :D

I has a such as nice friend, her name is Shaidatul Amiera. Cute her name :D  I like it mann :)) 
I know her by Reixi,, so cute :)) lovely person ever i see :) She also pretty for me :)
I think she the best friend ever in my life :D
We be the best friend :))
I do to be your bestie !!!!

Next story about my lovely sister :)

I know her this year through the table xD funny :D I can't believe it :)
Just know her like that :) Actually, Sis Liyana was my mom ex-student :) Then, I know,, but still didn't recognize her :)) Lovely meet up :D 
I guess want to meet her at one place but too scared to say :))
Btw, I think want to ask her to see my blog, but she already read my blog xD
hahahahahahhahahaha xD

One more person that I love :)) It's Linda her name :))
She do love sketching :)) I love all of her drawing :))

That girl in this picture are soo cute :) Just like her :)
I do love her :DD
Her friends call her Damo :)) Just like Dommo right?? hehehe :)) I should call her Dommo next time xD
Don't get angry okay ??
Love You !!!
Post by NurSab Yoseob =]


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