i not stupid too *tuesday 9/8/2011

Let's the story begin, just now I watching 'Aku Tak Bodoh' I thought the story are new but I'm seriously wrong. The story adaption by I Not Stupid Too but in Chinese languages
When watching in Chinese Lang,, barely boring :/ 
That's means in Malay totally fun :D Because I know what the words that are them talking about. 
Actually, I do hate watching online, you also know right? It must be buffering! -,-'' I hate it too much :/
This story really like my life's because everything I did still didn't give any sense for my family :(
But I still hoping!
I swear want to get 8A's in my coming soon PMR in 2012.
 Then get out from my school :)
Really enjoyed rejected SMK Aminuddin Baki @ SAB :))
Even the school are so famous, who cares?? You cares? I don't even care about it xD What ever :)) 
Btw, new lesson for me was someone call me stupidity yesterday -,-'' 
WhatTheHell are you talking about idiot?? 
You didn't think what the hell are u saying to me. You ask me, do you know what is stupidity??
Then I say no, but come on, I'm not stupid enough to be that kind of jerk.
You are the one are very stupid :))
Nice Stupidity Joking for Moron like You :))
Actually, I really getting bored with all of this English Lang!!
Because all my post in English -,-'' I just thinking about you then I write my blog in English :(( Even my song too :// Don't know what to say :/ 
The real is I the one are very happy and cheering person but when step to secondary schoolI chang :))
Yeah,, don't know why and you please don't ask me :)
When get 8A's I must be tranfer to SMK Seri Puteri -.-
I hate u cousin :((
That's all for today :)) I really getting sick of this :)
See you no time xD
Post by NurSab Yoseob =]


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