MP5 and Next Time :D

Hello fellas, busy with my exam but still blogging and facebooking.. hahaha
Okay,, this time I just want to say sorry to the person who I had promise to create a story about them in this blog :) such as my my adopted bro *Amerul Aiman :)
hehehe,, next time taw :) busy with exam now :)
Now, feel like very free from thinking about you ;D yeah !! high5 for me man :D
But, wait okay :) I'm not thinking about boy, but I thinking about other else okay :D
Love it to think about that xD

Actually, I really adore with this one gadget. It is MP5 :) The new MPlayer..
Really nice one, not really expensive too :) Just about RM180 only :D
So, I ask my mum and dad also :) Then they said, ok but next week.. Can?? I'm just,, what??!! Are YOU SERIOUS?? OMG !!!!! THANKYOU love you so damn much :DD :*


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