full of cares

can i say be more curious is more fun? it is true? i am thinking that full of cares more fun ;)

why am i talking rubbish? okay then, so my pmr just 14 days left! i am totally scared dude! i am ready but then i am so scared what happen after it! my result my life and also my new school! i really want to get lost from that school! i hate that school but i do loves my teachers!!! i just hate the students and some of the teacher.. did i mention 'some'? oh yes just some teachers are so annoying! why am i talking dirty again? my bad...

so, i think i want to do my own "wasiat" try to translate it at google translator :) i do not know it is true or not but i will ask my teacher soon.. in Islam region they trust that if someone did this "wasiat" they will die soon.. so i do not want to think negative neither positive but yeah everyone will think negative a lot !

so wish me luck in PMR 2012 ;) i hope that i can get 8A's #Amin :)


Anonymous said…
That's really interesting. Thanks for posting all the great information! Had never thought of it all that way before.

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