my little rubbish post

i am rubbish.. my house at trash around your house.. k then i am crazy! so hello there! are you ready to read my post? oh yeahhhhhhhhh~

first of all, i wanna say thanks to all my teachers who are really help me to get an A in exam ! *cewahhhh! cam dah habis PMR* okay then XD so ya! i want to do something rubbish.. i want to write my wasiat.. can i? i want to do my own wills!

eh jap! how to do eh? so then i will talking rubbish!

Wills by Nur Sabrina bt Sarizah Jamal

a.k.a SAB @ SabrinaWazien

  1. i want all the people who know me come to my funeral
  2. i want my mother to close all my account
  3. i want my brother change his attitude
  4. i want my dad to conduct this family to the right path
  5. i hope all my friends and everybody cry like a mad one the 1st day of my dead
  6. BUT after the 1st day please act like nothing happen
  7. i guess just that ;)

My advice by Sab ;)

Hey there, Assalamualaikum. saya nak bagi pesanan before i dead to all my buddies, teachers and my own family. i don't know this advice rubbish or what but i really want you to read this!
  • don't ever cheating 
  • don't ever break person heart into pieces
  • make your life perfect
  • don't waste your time to something fool
  • 'dunia itu sementara' dan 'akhirat itu kekal abadi selamanya'

i am Sabrina from Kuala Lumpur who loves to drink teh tarik!

i am Sabrina who loves blue colour!

i am Sabrina who loves to hide her own sake!

i am Sabrina who will die earlier than YOU!



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