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Memories I Won't Forget


so time cuti ni for sure there's a lot of good movies but too bad, my money finished already :( what a sad holiday.. i wish my holiday will be different for this year but too bad, still same like before :( anyway, do you watch 'world of the war goliath'? seriously unexpected movie you know! in that movie has Raja Iskandar Shah from Malays :D they also have a team who called ARES :D so cool you know! and ya, im taking the 3D glasses! so cool!
back to the topic...

What is my memory that i won't forget huh.. let me think for awhile... oh yes! i got one.. 1) When i was in standard 3 around 2006, there was a boy who name Adam, gave me a teddy bear and i still have that teddy bear and now already 2012.. can you believe it??? not me actually -___- i'm wonder how i still can keep this bloody teddy! i named my teddy as Edy... so what? ;P
2) When @njwalatif follow me on twitter.. ya Allah masa tu Allah sorang je tahu macam man…

The Day You Saved My Life

"Il y a une personne `a l'eau en Seine"
Chapter 1
Paris There was nothing about the riverboat itself that foretold of a terrible accident.    Quite different from the Seine's famous bateaux mouches, the ones you saw with tourist and schoolchildren straining over the rails to call to pedestrians on the bank below, it was small and quaint, with wooden decks, a shaded roof and open sides. On the lower deck there were steamer chairs for sunbathers and a little bar that served wine in proper glasses and coffee in old-fashioned china cups. Staff, who wore spotless naval white,  were delightfully quick to smile at the passengers.    Very nice, Joanna Walsh thought. Just how I remember Paris.    'Comfortable?' she asked her daughter, turning optimistically towards her. But Holly just murmured something unintelligible and gazed blindly at the water.    Please enjoy this, Joanna pleaded silently; for Mikey's sake, if not your own.    This was, however, a …

Reason of twitter

THE TRUTH Assalamualaikum,
hey there :) semalam dalam otak always terfikir nak tulis story about my old twitter account... ramai yang tanya aku, why aku tutup twitter then my answer is 'sebab aku bosan and blablabla' seriously it's not the real reason for sure :) do you wanna know what is the real reason is? okay today i will tell the truth.
actually, aku tutup account twitter sebab masa tu ada aku RT something at twitter then ada orang replied and says 'hey don't copy la' then aku pun apa lagi, direct la cakap 'aku RT la! kau tak nampak ke?' lepas tu aku rasa aku dah malas nak cakap apa-apa terus aku deactivated.. (aku tipu)
since aku deactivated, dalam otak aku just terfikir 'better gak aku tutup sebab banyak je cerita tak best kat twitter tu' tetiba aku teringat Najwa Latif :( part ni la aku nak menangis T_T dia dulu ada follow aku but tak sampai 3 hari, dia dah 'unfollow' aku :( ya Allah! time tu serious aku nak menangis je and semua…

funny la

Assalamualaikum :)

long time not story mory here... actually i am feeling so boring because im doing nothing on this holiday.. if i hang out, my money will finished! habis la duit aku -___- err! if sehari outing sure 100 ringgit will go away! damn banyak duit aku kan? my dad gave me beb :p

actually nothing to story about... nantilahh sebab aku rasa nak edit blog nih.... nampak comel sangatlah XD nak jadikan handsome sikit boleh? ke pretty also can :P or maybe a bit barbie like adel asha XD lol! enufff!

kat twitter enn ramai org kejar hot -____- nak tahu macam mana ? so simple...

1) kutuk mak bapak
2) guna 'babi' every sentence
3) kutuk islam
4) cakap dah takde dara
5) bash orang famous
6) mengaku lagi cantik dari someone else
7) kutuk orang lain
8) copy paste tweet orang
9) cakap nak bunuh diri
10) kau sign up twitter kalau nak tahu lagi ;P

k byee~


so ya, saya ada banyak terima at ask me to "describe" myself... but...
but how nak describe?? okay fine...
nama aku Nur Sabrina bt Jamal dan Sarizah.. tahun 2012 ialah tahun aku menduduki PMR so thats mean aku 15 tahun... aku anak ke 3 daripada 3 orang.. anak bongsu yang selalu ada masalah.. and now aku bengang dengan youtube sbb ada advertisement -_______- 
aku ni seorang yang pemalu SANGAT! but if once aku dah rapat dengan korang, jangan main gila dengan aku XD but actually aku tak nak rapat sangat dengan semua orang sbb aku ni lain macam sikit..
lain macam mana?? lain macam dia, if aku rapat dengan someone aku akan rasa aku mula benci, tak suka dan rasa apa yang dia buat akan buat aku rasa nak "direct sound" dia.. im sorry.. aku pun tak tahu since when but itu la yg aku dapati.. aku ada kawan yg apa yg aku buat and cakap, dia sure akan cakap "aku pun sama gak la nak buat" "aku …


Assalamualaikum semua!! SAB is backkkkk! :D

hari ni nak cerita pasal something yg unexpected! u know what?? i wanna tell u la ni!!

BEFORE THAT...........
take a look all of those pictures first :D

okay itu abang saya.. dah lama saya tak cerita pasal dia! dia dah matured same like me.. like adik and abang la kan? :p tak caye aku matured??? nahh tengok nihhh

haaaa kan! tak boleh pulokkkk! actually aku tak suka snap pics diri aku.. so faham-faham je la...

ini haa cerita dia.. aku ada masukkan satu pic at twitter,

pastu aku ada la tag si @ed_acoustica on twitter so he RT(retweet) it :D

so when dia dah RT tu , ada conversation antara aku dan somebody about that pictures.. dia puji :D ahahahaha XD

FOCUS AT TWEETS @munieraibrahim only !
perempuan tu minat sangat dengan @tashamanshahar :D

next conversation with the person who in the middle of that picture :D
she is @NIENAJLAA :D my new favourite !

so how? cool tak? ada masa tu aku tweet dengan si ED.. tanya dia apa nama untuk fans dia then di…

The Day You Saved My Life

Assalamualaikum semua!

tadi keluar pergi tesco jap.. kawan kata dia nak cari baju.. so dalam otak aku dah terbayangkan popular bookstore :D so dah sampai je tesco, aku dah cakap kat kawan aku , yg aku mmg nak g popular.. so aku masuk je popular, mak aiii takde la ramai mana.. misi aku memang nak cari buku... kalau boleh nak dua.. satu bm and satu lagi bi... yes aku dapat! but bm tu aku nak jadikan rahsia sikit.. sebab tu aku ingat nak bagi mama aku.. (bukan myah) LOL

so first thing aku buat ialah, cari buku... buku apa? buku english dulu... memang banyak buku yang tak berapa menarik minat, but tetbe ada satu buku, aku ambil then terus rasa nak beli...

itu buku english pilihan aku... aku pun tak tahu apa yg menyebabkan aku nak sangat buku tu.. hehehe... hopefully best la kan :D dan aku harap aku berada di alam fantasi :D
nothing to share... ehh japppp!!
tadi aku ada pergi tempat "money changer" and aku tanya la kat dia if 1USD berapa and dia kata RM3.04 makk ai! mahal bhaiiii…

Q & A ' s

-this post i copy based on SYEWAA BLOGGER-

50 Questions...
When were you born? -5th January 1997 2.And that makes you how old? -15 years old and i am still TEEN 3.How many family members you have? -6 including my grandma. 4.How is your relationship with your siblings? -like dog and cat sometimes... 5.How is your relationship with your parents? -i have no idea, i dont know. 6.Do you have a cat? Tell us the name. - Mecky and Ibu :D 7.Why did you parents choose your name? and what is your name? - actually my name was given by my cousin EE... he said he loves that name 'Sabrina' so he make it as my name.
8.How’s your room? - look fine if i am alone.. look terrible when my mom says 'clean it up' 9.How would you describe about yourself? - MYSTERY ... i know who i am... people can judge me because i am super MYSTERY.. 10.How are your feelings right now? - SAD, WORRY, BORING, AND I AM THINKING ABOUT WHAT IS COMING NEXT 11.What are your dreams? - TO BE A TEACHER.. :) i wish i can be a teac…

Describe yourself...

aku tak tahu.,....

aku rasa aku ada je idea nak update apa benda tu semua but....

aku tak tahu.....



tak best...

aku bosannnnnn!

kenapa sekolah tutup masa cuti?????

aku nak guna facilities yang ada tu !

nak mainnnnnn!


Yoying Chirping !