Memories I Won't Forget


so time cuti ni for sure there's a lot of good movies but too bad, my money finished already :( what a sad holiday.. i wish my holiday will be different for this year but too bad, still same like before :( anyway, do you watch 'world of the war goliath'? seriously unexpected movie you know! in that movie has Raja Iskandar Shah from Malays :D they also have a team who called ARES :D so cool you know! and ya, im taking the 3D glasses! so cool!

back to the topic...


What is my memory that i won't forget huh.. let me think for awhile... oh yes! i got one..
1) When i was in standard 3 around 2006, there was a boy who name Adam, gave me a teddy bear and i still have that teddy bear and now already 2012.. can you believe it??? not me actually -___- i'm wonder how i still can keep this bloody teddy! i named my teddy as Edy... so what? ;P

2) When @njwalatif follow me on twitter.. ya Allah masa tu Allah sorang je tahu macam mana perasaan aku.. memang sekarang dia dah unfollow aku but seriously i will never forget what she did :) thanks for follow me and unfollow me :*

10000000) Actually, there's a lot of memories that i won't forget :( but it is really hard to story :( im sorry..


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