The Day You Saved My Life


"Il y a une personne `a l'eau en Seine"

Chapter 1

There was nothing about the riverboat itself that foretold of a terrible accident.
   Quite different from the Seine's famous bateaux mouches, the ones you saw with tourist and schoolchildren straining over the rails to call to pedestrians on the bank below, it was small and quaint, with wooden decks, a shaded roof and open sides. On the lower deck there were steamer chairs for sunbathers and a little bar that served wine in proper glasses and coffee in old-fashioned china cups. Staff, who wore spotless naval white,  were delightfully quick to smile at the passengers.
   Very nice, Joanna Walsh thought. Just how I remember Paris.
   'Comfortable?' she asked her daughter, turning optimistically towards her. But Holly just murmured something unintelligible and gazed blindly at the water.
   Please enjoy this, Joanna pleaded silently; for Mikey's sake, if not your own.
   This was, however, a moot point since the boy was asleep in his pushchair, which was wedged fast against the rails. They'd boarded late and got two of the last seats on the upper deck, commandeering just enough legroom to avoid having to extract Mikey from the buggy and fold it away. Once he lost consciousness, Holly liked him to stay that way for as long as possible.

By Louise Candlish :)

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