hai semua, apa khabar? sihat ke? sorry, Sabrina dah lama tak update blog since i don't know what to do... actually, i kinda bosan dengan drama twitter! seriously masa 2011 no dramas and no bash ni semua! seriously, i miss the old twitter with the old persons! not the famous person from facebook come in twitter then start to bash each other and suddenly? FAMOUS! hmmm.. okay fine, my introduction is kinda long but you need to read it anyway!

"sab jealous!" anonymous said. oh wait! me? it's okay la, Sabrina pernah jadi famous on my old twitter.. i don't care anymore to be famous. okay? eh wait! "damn ! again?!" eh wait la! my title today kinda weird for the kid who age 15... hmmm.. *thinking like a maniac* okay! my mind kinda blur...

alright! jom share pasal kahwin ni!

comel kan?
first of all, sure you all nak tahu apa karakter lelaki or husband pilihan saya :P

1) boleh jadi imam saya
2) boleh buat kerja rumah when i am pregnant XD
3) peramah
4) penyabar
5) tak suka bersosial sangat
6) low profile (humble)
8) nak mamat korea

itu je pilihan saya... boleh dapat tak? if Allah wills^^ eh number 7 itu bold why eh? XD sebab i anti a guy who tak reti basuh pinggan mangkuk XD

why ? 
= because i can't stand with the smoke and i always sneezing when i smell that smoke! and its totally makes me migraine.

so, direct saya story XD

ada satu hari, i tell my mom something that i think it just for fun (actually its not) about i want to marry early. here the conversation!

Me: Ma, kita rasa nanti kita nak kahwin awal lah.. hehe
Mama: Jangan nak mengada! dah ada boyfriend kah?
Me: SURE NOT! no boyfriend! just feel nak kahwin when 18 XD habis belajar then kahwin...
Mama: Jangan nak mengada kahwin awal! enjoy dulu zaman tu then cari duit banyak-banyak, barulah kahwin.
Me: Relax mom! joking je... *sedih*
Mama: i will tell ayah!
Me: better dont! *begging her*
Mama: balik kang, mama bagitahu ayah... cakap yg anak kesayangan dia dah gatal nak kahwin.

*my dad arrive home*

Mama: ayah, ni anak dara awak sorang ni nak kahwin dah....
Ayah: siapa ? Sab?
Mama: eh kita ada dua orang anak dara ke?
Ayah: hmmm (ayah tak cakap apa-apa)

XD okay the best part is my dad something like don't really interest nak dengar story from my mom about me who want to marry in young ages... for me? so what nak kahwin awal, right? for me kahwin awal more fun.. im not thinking about the malam pertama but im thinking about my future husband and anyway, i have a big dream! if i have a husband, i will be full time suri rumah untuk layan suami and i will ask him if i can wear purdah ^^ ya Allah! bestnya! i can't wait that time seriously! if Allah wills ^^ 

anyway, why old peoples think that kids nowadays can't marry earlier? are they jealous with kids? okay sure not.. my bad XD but seriously, my mom need to read this!
i like this fact!
but, i still don't get it! why my mom don't want me marry early otherwise ask me to enjoy my life? but mom , life is so short mom :( i think, my kids time already enjoy too much.. so, i think when i already done with my study, i can get marry as soon as possible... one day mom, i will bring you a guy then we will be marry.. don't worry, i don't simply choose guy to be my forever partner easily, i am so pemilih. get it? XD MOM PLEASE!

penat baca? enjoy slice of cake!
actually, i really don't have any calon! i just think if kahwin awal best! that's all! anyway, i pernah cakap kat kawan yg i nak kahwin awal then they keep on laughing like orang gila! they said, they can't imagine how am i looking if i be a WOMAN and a MOTHER! please! i already a GIRL! (same as woman right? lol!) so unfair dapat kawan gila! but never mind!!!! hahaha.. not mad just a bit of anger came out suddenly... okayyyy!~

what a beautiful day :')
i wish, that i have one sweet family ^^ 
if Allah wills...
i want this.
maybe you can see all the pictures truly, madly and deeply then you will understand me so much ^^
thank you for reading....<3


runnerseven7 said…
good to think.. its positive when ur postive in this situation..for me enjoy yg ur mum maksudkan is jalani dlu pengalaman hidup..lps sekolah u akan belajar pula di sudut pengalaman..dptkan itu dlu..tp bkn bermakna kawen itu penutup segala...go out see the world....
terima kasih sbb sudi fahamkan saya ^^

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