2012 leaving us


we start with bismillah

alhamdulillah :)

what kind of nonsense i create nih? -__- ! wait! itu bukan nonsense k!
in this post nak share some memories in 2012

actually, takdelah banyak mana but for me hmm still a memory.
okay cool~

so, we start now.

this 2012 a lot of feeling. sad, happy, frustrated and more other feelings! and its not cool at all :(

  1. first time in my life masuk hospital (when i am grow up) and also did the operation XD damn super cool~ but its hurt me a lot! for a month i suffer T_T nasib ada kawan yg baik sangat ^^ sayang dorang!
  2. kehilangan someone till now i can feel it. rasa macam dia baru je semalam meninggal dunia but actually dah hampir 6 BULAN! sedih kan? what a life... i hope you just fine sayang ^^ *wipe tears*
  3. kenapa semua orang expecting me to get all A's in exam :( and now how? i just got 4! marah kan? i am so sorry then... aku dah buat semua orang hampa especially my mom...sorry much :'(
  4. in 2012 also i got some cool gadget! unexpecting much! i have my own Canon camera! and also i used iphone then changed it to blackberry! bukan blackberry biasa but blackberry torchlight XD my bad... but seriously, mmg nak that type of BB ! 
  5. i am still thinking what is the best moment in 2012
  6. oh yes! i have a lot of new friends! (actually all of them are my old friends in SKDP) okay i miss them so much :P *lulz* 
  7. saya ada guru class yg awesome! cikgu Lam aka pak Lam , seriously, teacher, you are the best! bapak! my sejarah A !! <3
  8. a lot of stress and pressure of course.. hmmm my family always like that but its okay la...
  9. UNEXPECTING result T_T oh result! you make me cry much! (inside my heart is crying) just try tak menangis and accept the fate yg Allah dah tetapkan. so, i am fine now....
  10. and now, i am hoping to get that vocational school in langkawi... really hoping for that ^^
  11. i know my result is sucks... so, i dont want to get any rewards for my result. SERIOUSLY! no present for me... *sad*
  12. okay thats all
  13. nahhh why you still read this??
  14. eh, you! i like you :p
sorry , okay maybe some peoples will think i am stupid now T_T i am not stupid but 2012 also my SICK year :'( always takes MC ! my bad... but,, Allah yang nak i sakit.. so, how? saya bersyukur still ada A and B not C/D/E ! thanks Allah <3

2012 : 
i will not be able to see you after this. thanks for all the adventure in my life. Allah already did the best for me and i always accept it. Allah will never let me down. Thanks Allah :') 2013, please be nice okay. i hope Allah will never challenge me with something that i can't. anyway, i really need a guide on how to choose my stream in school just incase i didn't get vocational T_T

Sabrina <3


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