Việt Nam~


hey tất cả các bạn!Sabrina ở đây! (hey all! Sabrina here!)

tôi đã đi đến với Việt Nam! (I went to Vietnam!)

okay, sure korang tak faham :P padan muka... k fine.... lol XD ya, aku g vietnam selama 4 hari 3 malam.. cool sangat k! just yg tak cool dalam flight sekejap je -____- just for 1 and a half hour i guess.. anyway, mmg experience aku yg pertama naik flight malaysia airlines... not bad la flight tu sebab stewardess dia hot cantik sangat XD 

aku gerak pergi vietnam hari rabu(19.12.12) sedih kot sebab hari yg sama result PMR keluar T_T and aku pretend cool like nothing happen (actually takut sbb result tu!) yeahh aku ingatkan agama aku dapat C or D but alhamdulillah la bukan XD (aku tak tahu A or B *huhhh*) so, my slip still kat sekolah and i didn't take it yet because my result not really good... (dah mention kan tadi? *cough*) okay, malas nak tipu mine 4A4B je... masa dapat tahu result, rasa nak bunuh diri and dalam flight aku sedih and feel like wanna cry! (seriously!)

okay enough with my pmr story.. !!!!!!

ni nak story about vietnam! 
aku pergi kat part ho chi minh... 

this is my activity kat sana :

Day 1
Transfer to Shopping at Ben Thanh
Lunch Banana Leaf
Check in hotel Mai Gia Huy
Shopping at Ben Thanh

Day 2
Mekong Delta My Who Trip
Lunch in Masjid
Return to hotel
Dinner Vietnam Delight

Day 3
Cu Chi tunnel
Lunch Al Azim
Shopping at market china town
dinner Nyonya

Day 4
Free time last minute shopping
Checkout hotel
Lunch Vietnam delight
transfer to airport

actually, ada part yg tak g pun and also ada tambahan sikit untuk activity tu.. ada kita orang makan kat "the daun" then ada gak kita orang tengok "puppet show"... and more la.. activity yg di tambah... XD
cool kat situ but the peoples make me takut sbb dia suka tarik orang untuk beli barang dia.. im scared! malas nak talk banyak because all the pictures can tell the stories too.. so, ENJOY^^

so, i would like to start with :

Day 1

taxi? huhhh
arrive at KLIA
view from up inthesky! in vietnam
another view! in vietnam
peoples in Vietnam!
MOTORS everywhere!
we eat first!
vietnam tea :)
i like that!
oh man!
the fish :O
this chicken sedap!!
check in to this 2 star hotel
the view from my hotel
some other view from hotel
sorry, my internet connection seriously bad... maybe, if you request for some pictures i will show it to you. just for day 1 in vietnam i can share.. sorry ^^

(i already upload all of the pictures for 4 times and now i am giving up because school soon open!)

so, let me tell you what i did at vietnam ^^

Day 1

  1. go KLIA
  2. reach Vietnam airport
  3. tourist guide met us
  4. take us eat at banana leaf
  5. check in to hotel gia huy hotel
  6. rest for awhile
  7. night, go eat at mosque
  8. go to salim and hakimah shop
  9. back to the hotel
Day 2
chu chi tunnel sticker
proud to be malaysia!
the puppet show

  1. breakfast in the hotel room
  2. get ready to chu chi tunnel
  3. eat at banana leaf
  4. to the war museum in vietnam
  5. back to the hotel
  6. evening, go to the puppet show
  7. straight to 'the daun' for dinner
  8. again at salim and hakimah shop
  9. back to hotel
Day 3
my chocolate blend!
friuts + sweetssss

  1. breakfast in hotel room
  2. ready to mekong river
  3. in the highway to mekong river
  4. stop at rest stop mekong
  5. have a blend chocolate coffee
  6. continue to that destination
  7. reach at the pangkalan to take a boat
  8. in the boat
  9. then, we reach mekong river
  10. ops! not yet
  11. see how they make coconut candies (handmade)
  12. shopping for awhile
  13. okay, have a snacks!
  14. eat some local fruits and its so sweet!
  15. while entertain with the ladies singing
  16. move on to mekong river!
  17. still walking along the forest (lie)
  18. saw bees and snake!
  19. eat snack, some chips
  20. okay walking again
  21. yeah! reach mekong river!
finally! exhausted
  1. *please continue the number from up there !*
  2. 10 minutes in the sampan
  3. reach our boat
  4. go halal restaurant LUNCH
  5. eat *starving*
  6. eat
  7. shopping
  8. *blurrrrrr*
  9. back to the boat
  10. go back to china town
  11. shopping again!
  12. i buy my school beg!
  13. back to the hotel
  14. dinner at *i dunno the name*
  15. sleep zZzZzzz
Day 4
apa kena mengena? XD my country don't have this!

  1. as usual, eat breakfast in the hotel room
  2. shopping at ben thanh
  3. shopping more!
  4. and yes shopping
  5. back to hotel
  6. packing stuff
  7. still packing while get mad !
  8. okay lobby!
  9. WITH luggage!
  10. tourist guide bring us eat FOR THE LAST DAY :'(
  11. banana leaf FOR THE LAST DAY
  12. tourist guide bring us to visit the building of post (dunno the name)
  13. next, the biggest mosque in vietnam
  14. he sending us to the vietnam airport
  15. and bye bye
  16. :'(

that's all i can share. i am lazy nak update pictures sbb internet teruk!

love you all <3


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