hai semua ^^ sihat? alhamdulillah saya sihat.. harap begitu juga dengan awak ^^v


saya nak buat satu wishlist sikit.. boleh kan? actually there's a lot of thing that i wanna wish.. SERIOUSLY!

First of all, i wanna wish for a new gadget! what kind of gadget? a lot of cool gadget i want! such as my camera zoom, etc! a lot i want but you know right, gadget is quite expensive actually.. Next, i also wish for my own bedroom... i do have my own bedroom in Langat but i didn't stay there because im staying with my grandma in Ampang.. So, i wish i have my own bedroom here.. I also wish for a new clothes like a girls a bit xD all of my dress like a boy yo! dah diammm!

okay, cukuplah just one paragraph walaupun i know there's a lot to wish for T_T so sad right? hurmm..

anyway, READ HERE because her story same with me.. no need to write some more.. just read that! :P im lazy you know!

okayy chowww~


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