hari ni tak sekolah.. in case saya tak sekolah today, so, i will update something and this maybe my last post before i am leaving all of my readers, family and friends *wipe tears*
just joking but sometimes it is true :)
sorry for being a little bit of emo.. actually, i got an offer from the place yang i minta untuk sekolah kat sana.. i asked for a vocational school in langkawi and guess what? i got that! alhamdulillah :) nak cakap happy, INDEED! but my family look like macam tak nak lepaskan i pergi :') and that make me a bit down... hmmm but i really need to go because i want it! its okay, i will accept it as challenges from Allah :') i can see straight to my mother eyes that she's trying to not to cry in front of me :') she want me to success... maybe she cried only for 2 reasons.. first, she can't let me go.. and second, she happy because i got that kolej :') 

okay enough with the sad story.. let's i start again with some good stories xD *wipe tears while smiling*

first of all, i dapat course PELANCONGAN.... happy sesangat sebab mmg serious stress dengan sekolah lama! i will be fine if dapat masuk 4A2 but that counseling teacher tak bagi, so, i plan mmg nak pindah but alhamdulillah dah dapat kat langkawi, so better pergi kat sana :)


diploma 4 tahun without SPM and guess what? cool dohh takde SPM but lastly dapat DIPLOMA! actually kan,,, i dunno diploma tu how so i think it will be an awards XD *ketuk kepala* 


ada problem la pula.... hmmmm but this problem mama tak bagi aku fikir and she said 'let me only think that.. don't stress you out' so i will not think the problem... do u wanna know what is the problem? TRANSPORT! lol xD tu je but for me its kinda nossy laaaaa....

what do u think, i am from KL -----> Langkawi ??? wadefvckkkk xD ye la for me just nak naik flight but my mom kata no need la and whatsoever xD bukan pasal transport je taw yg i fikir.. about HOTEL and others... ye la , of course la parents nak hantar anak dia pergi kat sekolah tu .. mana boleh suruh orang lain hantar... so, i think, how they gonna find hotel and transport there if take train? hmmm... 

still ada problem about myself :'( masalah dia, i tak biasa dgn life 'hostel' ni semua :'( so i will be so awkward la kan :( takde kawan and semua benda must do by myself :'( rasa nak berpisah dgn family tu of course la sedih kan? hmmm but i must go! i need to fine a better future! jangan fikir negatif T_T hmmm

i am trying to settle down ... *breath in .. breath out*

okay~~ fikir positif.... positive only.. hmmm

yang membaca ni, please doakan yang Sabrina okay... i hopefully everything will be fine.. Aminnn!


runnerseven7 said…
dunia luar akan mengajar anda mengenai pengalaman..jgn bimbang apa yang akan di hadapi....hadapi dgn pemikiran yang matang...dunia terpaksa pasti boleh..yg xboleh jika dunia yang hanya dlm minda dok fikir and fikir...reality is better than dlm minda...congrat
Ain Qamal said…
you got the voca school? Asal tak bagitahu awal2? :O Haihh, but anyway, congratulation! Alhamdulillah, akhirnya dapat eh? :D hehe,
anyway, thanks for sudi komen ^^ sangat hargai u know ? anyway, ya i will go there.. jangan risau... sure i can take care of myself ^^

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