Wish Come True


so, ya.. like what i mumbling on the last post about BERHIJRAH i will move out and leave all the peoples who i know them well (maybe) LOL... i will be missing all of you like seriously.. i am far now.. i will be a hostel kid and also the tourism kid start from now XD i hope that course didn't make me insane (hopefully) hahahaha!

my tawaran yo~
believe me like Justin Bieber CD Album please.. i am not cheating on you.. i am seriously leaving you far far far away from here (KL) hmmmm... i don't know how is the feeling if i am staying in the hostel and also wearing the different uniform school... actually about the uniform i am fine but just the way i survive in the hostel that makes me kinda crazy to think about it... 

ya, just terfikir, how many people in de hostle.. adakah dia ramai dan mampatkan macam dalam tin sardin? hostel dia macam mana? adakah toilet dia okay? hmmm sangat menyakitkan hati kalau semua benda tu aku tak tahu! SANGAT SAKIT HATI YAW! *tetiba je sewel*

pemergian aku ke sana bukan semua kekawan aku tahu.. so, maybe aku just mendiamkan diri and suddenly some of my friends will ask their other friends "eh, Sab mana?" then, kawan dia akan cakap "dia dah pindah sekolah la.. kau tak tahu ke?" and there will be the long conversation XD (if they concern about me la kan)

can i write an unofficial letter here? lol!
let's BERletter NOW!

To: My Friends
From: Sabrina aka S A B

     Hello buddyz! If you read this then you will be my friend last standing *apakah? ketuk kepala* so, ya... since you are reading this, i wanna say something.... "I AM LEAVING ALL OF YOU" okay.. thanks for reading friends :) I am LOVE<3 You so MUCH! catch up with me later maybe? okay cool! Daaaaaaaa~

Next, letter to ......

To: My Family & Relatives
From: Sab, Nina, Nor aka Sabrina *LOL*

Yo wazzup? (tak hormat langsung XD)
     Assalamualaikum semua! okay i know maybe from 100% only 1% of you will read this because most of them didn't stalk me so, i will not say too much... i just gonna say "I ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN LONG HOLIDAY SCHOOL" and also last but not least "I HOLIDAY ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY NOT SUNDAY ANYMORE" okay.. that's all ^^ anyway, SARANGHAE!(I LOVE YOU)

okay enough with the long letter (obviously short actually) okay then.... for you who are reading this post, please do send your comments on the CBOX there.. cool? okay then... maybe that's all for now... Bye guys! Assalamualaikum......~


runnerseven7 said…
bila jumpa kawan baru...ingat prinsip pergaulan ini.."utk kenal org adalah 3 bulan baru kita tau true color org itu" permulaan jgn dedahkan rahsia diri 100% kt org br kenal....biarlah dia nk kenalkan diri dia 100%..kita lihat je dlu huhuhuhu
komen awak mmg betul.. saya x kan bgtahu siapa saya yg sebenarnya sbb bg saya itu privasi :D

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