sangattt malasss

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

you have no idea what is happening right now !


i am seriously LAZY !!!!!!

don't be so 'shock' please... i am always lazy.. lazy on what?? on EVERYTHING ! if i feel lazy, i will be REALLY LAZY ! for example:

i) ask me to go somewhere

i will not go if i am lazy


= because i am too lazy to ready my outfit and also lazy to wake up (because i am in de 'baring' mood)

hahaha ! okay enough just 1 example...

now i am so lazy to continue this blog...

so .......

daaaaaaa ;P


M.E.S-C said…
26.03 was my birthday :) cepatlah wish. belated pon belated lah. haha...sian aku. KALAU rajin,bagi lah HADIAH jugak ;)
OMG ! lewat satu harii ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND, ERNESS :D hehehe hadiah??? nanti jumpa, aku bagi for langkawi.. okay???
M.E.S-C said…
thank you very...very much!! btw,ejaan nama aku ERNEES. Wajib ingat tu ;) haha...
maafkan saya XD baiklah ERNEES ;P

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