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Easy vs Tough

Assalamualaikum, hai there.. already 2 months tak post anything on this blog.. so, ya I AM BACK ! WHAT'S UP DUDE ? I am doing great.. just okay .. how about you? in this post, i want to share something WEIRD about me.. maybe some of you have same attitude like me (maybe).
Before I start with my post, I would like to tell you how my attitude actually.
My attitude is base on how you treat me. You got it? But sometimes, my attitude can be adjust. If you are being rude with me on that time, I will try to control my mood by still act like cool and respect you which talking nice to you. But if that is the first time you talk to me like that.. But if second time still the same damn thing happen, I still can accept it BUT if you are enter the 3rd stage, ENOUGH ! time to being rude again ! HELLO ! Everybody have their own limit patient right? Mine? Was over limit already! I AM SO DONE ! 

Some of my friends says that I AM WEIRD. why? I also have no idea.
but i confess , sometimes i am weird…