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hai there.. already 2 months tak post anything on this blog.. so, ya I AM BACK ! WHAT'S UP DUDE ? I am doing great.. just okay .. how about you? in this post, i want to share something WEIRD about me.. maybe some of you have same attitude like me (maybe).

Before I start with my post, I would like to tell you how my attitude actually.

My attitude is base on how you treat me. You got it? But sometimes, my attitude can be adjust. If you are being rude with me on that time, I will try to control my mood by still act like cool and respect you which talking nice to you. But if that is the first time you talk to me like that.. But if second time still the same damn thing happen, I still can accept it BUT if you are enter the 3rd stage, ENOUGH ! time to being rude again ! HELLO ! Everybody have their own limit patient right? Mine? Was over limit already! I AM SO DONE ! 

Some of my friends says that I AM WEIRD. why? I also have no idea.

but i confess , sometimes i am weird.. I also don't know what's the matter with me this time. Since i study at Langkawi, have my own lifestyle in the hostel and already being a college kid, i am so confuse what's wrong with me.. maybe i am grow up.. because of that i am be a little curious with this life.. yeah maybe okay!

Some of my weird stuff...

1. If i want this one thing, i will try to get that so badly ! By hook or by crook ! I don't really care ! but if I already get thing, I will easily DON'T WANT or BORING with it ! why? I also don't know. This is an example, I want a contact lense , then i already have it and now I still want to use my spec because i hate put them on right in my eyes ! *weirdo*

2. I still can act cool even though there is bad thing or big thing happen.. like what? like in the hostel. the ghost attack us.. so, most of us are panic while me? act cool like nothing happen and just obey all the instruction. easy me right? don't make it hard please!

3. In the class i almost sleep for the whole class section especially my Science class.. I always sleep in Science Lab.. why? because the weather is too hot and I can't stand for it! and 1 more thing, why all academic class must be after 2 pm ? tell me who made the schedule please! i want to make a deal (Y)

4. Disobey some rules are fucking awesome! You know why? Because you will never know how the feeling is! Oh yeah i am a first time person who enter the hostel life so? LET'S ROCK AND ROLL ! Actually, i just want to have some adventure in hostel life. H A H A H A ! In KL different, in Langkawi MORE DIFFERENT ME ! HAHAHA ! When I told my friend about this, they don't believe it thats me ! :P PERSON CHANGE EASILY !

5. Trying to learn how Utara look like.. you know what i mean? Utara and Selatan are slightly different enough! What is the different? Well... You will never wanna know it right? LOL okay, i will tell you.. Utara is the place where (Langkawi be more specific) is BEBAS CUKAI , you know right? that place also BEBAS MENCARUT and BEBAS MEMERLI get it? terasa? *oh kesahh*

6. I am afraid to talk directly in their face.. kalau cakap tengok tepi while perli tu memang aku dah expert la kan.. siapa ajar? ofcourse la orang kat sana... aku dah observe ok perangai dorang tu macam mana. perli and talking direct apa yang kita tak puas hati itu sangat berbeza ok! so me? TAK RETI CAKAP DIRECT !

7. Now i have my own vision ! i want to be rich ! cehhh.. my occupation must have a lot of salary.. i want to be a lecturer If Allah Wills :) then, i want to find a guy who is an Engineer or Pilot maybe *_* hehehe...

8. Me always cheer up my friends when they're fucking sad or suddenly unhappy but don't know why.. so, me the rescue girl gonna make them happy again ! That if my friends sad or what but if me sad, I always keep inside my heart and just ME fixed it.. I don't like to cry infront of my friends. I always cry when I am alone and for sure no one will notice about this crap! I don't want them to look me sad but I don't want them to be sad! Let me handle myself and you sad? i gonna cheer you up buddyz ;)

9. If that person I really care, bet me, that person will never care of me SERIOUSLY ! but me, always do something so they can notice that i am caring about them. i will buy them something or doing something like what i said just now. Just to let them think that i am always think of them :') 
"The More I Care, The More I Get Hurts!"

10. Susah nak bezakan muka seseorang ! okay ! kat langkawi memang ada RAMAI yang muka hampir sama and memang sama pun ! masalahnya , tak pernah nampak dorang tu jalan sekali dalam satu masa yang sama faham tak? >.< itu yang membuatkan aku TERSANGATLAH CURIOUS ! bukan saja aku nak stalk but kekadang your face tu sama yang membuatkan aku nak STALK ! get it? huh ! lagi- lagi ada senior yang agak ramai muka sama ! confuse derr!

11. I don't remember your name but I know your face.. that's another weird me ! who eh now i cannot memorise some person name? only their face i can remember??? Am i a real lecturer one day? *day dream* LOL i hope it is true one day !!!!!

12. My mood sometimes gila like her tuan also.. her tuan are mad because of the mood change or sometimes the mood are mad too.. hahaha! I'M MAD

13. My brain FREEZE ! MKAYBE...

maybe that's enough...





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