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Tanpa mu :')

Assalamualaikum semua! So how is it going? Everything is fine right?
Hahahaha! So, today already my second day of fasting.  All muslims will fasting on Ramadhan month  :) How sweet is that right?
This year 2015 , will be really different.
Okay,  i dunno how to story but I'm trying ...
This fasting month,  slightly different because there's someone missing FOREVER !
She is my Grandma.
When i think about her, i'm crying. Maybe because i'm missing her so bad. and maybe i'm the only one who didn't come to her funeral. I'm faraway on that time. Study abroad the ocean.
I can't make it if i take an emergency flight. Why?
The airport also far away from my home. It will take some times to arrive. and I bet most of my family are really busy T_T

That's my grandma grave. But the photo was taken last year after 3 days she passed away. New grave i didn't snap it because i feel so sad.
(Nak update kat blog pasal arwah pun aku nak nangis je)
I live wit…

Sukarelawan :)

Halo semua! Apa khabar? Very long time i didn't post anything on my blog. Maybe, i said 'maybe' some of you wanna read my blog. I didn't say all of you is gonna read my blog. Its nothing special with my blog.
Why, sukarelawan? Okay, actually I have my new ambition. Its just a really simple and really lack of person wanna be a volunteer (: Maybe I'm not a good person but I still like to help peoples. I am not really picking up person to help. I don't even care. That's what we called 'Volunteer' right?
So, if any of you wanna me to become a volunteer, I can do so. Just the problem is, I will be free on school holidays.. I'm so sorry. 
I know the volunteer means "You will go whenever they need you" but, I'm really busy person.. because I'm still studying faraway from my home.
from Kuala Lumpur, to Langkawi...
a lot of things I study when I need to be an independent girl !
I'm not really good in studying. beca…