Mistakes. Everybody made a mistakes. Even its small or big, it's still a mistakes. Not to mention but nowadays peoples love to remember the smallest sins they ever made. But, the big deeds they've done being vanished like one bling.


Tak cakap semua orang tak pernah buat salah. Kan? Kenapa mesti nak pertikaikan? Why? Hahahaha

Semua orang pernah buat silap. Itu antara nampak or not je. Mcm dulu waktu duduk asrama, kira aku rajin gak ah fly tapi tak pernah kantoi. So? Mmg nmpak salah tapi selagi tak kantoi tu, kira okay la en 😂

Nowadays, people come and go. We have to face the truth tak semua orang akan stay. But we still have to move on. True?

Be tough. Allah is testing you dear. I know how is lost feeling. People leave me and not come again in my life. Ya.. I feel it already since primary school. Okay.


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