Patient Listener 💕


and hello there world!

a patient listener...
So today i would like to share my thoughts about being a "Patient Listener". It can be described as two ways.
1. Being so patience (sabar) by hearing their problems.
2. You treat your patient (pesakit) problems.

But in this case I will go with both of it. Sometimes, peoples didn't like to share their problems with other human being because they will feel unsafe or ignored. I can say that some people don't even care when you have a problems. In fact, they love it when you in troubles. They don't lend their hands to help instead of laughing. So sad :(

Sometimes, i do understand how's their feelings about something. When you are happy, you can see everything in the positive ways. Same like when you hate something or someone. You will see their flaws more than their good deeds. Its the different between happy and hate. Why i din't mention sad? When you are sad. Your feelings can't even describe yourself. When you're sad, you can be so caring about others and maybe you can be so heartless. Its between you and your feelings. Only you can manage that feelings.

My Reminder~
I will share about my true story.

I have a lot of friends.
From a good ones.
To a bad ones.


I cannot say that they're bad.


Because, they're change for reasons.

What is it?

let me tell you something.

I friends with everybody
It doesn't matter 
she or he
alim or evil
bad or good
+ or -

I need to accept them how they're
Bare in mind,
Humans need each other to hold on and stay survived.

Remember Allah and treat people good.

How to keep happy?

Just think,
There's someone who suffer worst than you.
But still they're grateful

If you need any listener or wanna me to read something.
just send it by email

or twit me. i can dm u privately
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