Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Well, almost a month aku practical kat situ and its very challenging because of those system and stuff. I admit i cried a lot :'(

Sebab tak suka buat benda yang kita tak mahir and terpaksa buat. And lagi satu, kalau nak ajar tu memang kena marah² bagai ke??? Perlu ke setiap kali aku tanya, kau akan jawab "takkan dah lupa? Balik study tak???" OMG! depan tetamu kau ckp mcm tu kat aku. Siot betul. Nasib baik je la orang tu okay. *mengeluh berat*

Its been awhile tak menulis and i kinda miss it. Miss the old happy me and the really sweet talker me. Lol.s

I dunno what's happening next because i don't want to put any hopes to it.

I do fall in love with this one guy. He is so cute and very cool guy. Tak tahu la kalau dia dah berpunya ke belum but ya just crush boleh la. Kalau ada jodoh takpe :P

Nasi kerabu and strawberry. Even masam but its so delicious. Actually i have a question which is very bother me sometimes.

Why people said strawberry manis? But the fact is masam ! No sweet taste at all. So how? Damn ~ pelikss ya

My fav food always from Kelantan and Terengganu because they have a lot of tasty and cheap food! Not to mention but akok is the must food i will buy if i reach Kelantan! Nampak je ada asap kat tepi jalan, my dad will aim that kedai to stop and buy me some akok. Its very delicious kuih !!!!!

Hopefully. But i don't really hope much, I can help people whos in need. Try to help people as many as I can with my own money one day (:

*Sabby xx*
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