So in this entry, i will try to use this new template by google. Well maybe is not really that "new". Just I'm the one who not up to date with this stuff. f.ck ya.

Since when i also not sure, i feel very lazy and clueless with my life. I'm really annoying with myself. Something about my weakness i just figure it out and now it have be my problems.
  1. SHAME !
  2. HARD to accept new environment
  3. FAT n FAT
  4. LOW confident level
  5. BAD appearance
so ya. maybe that's just my worst fear after all.

aku memang tak reti nak focus dalam satu benda. ada je benda lain nak buat gak. banyak ambition pun susah. takde ambition merana gua >.< apa yang aku nak buat dalam life aku sendiri also dunno. apakah fungsinya kehidupan aku ini? bongok sab.

maybe aku kje part time je la. cari pengalaman. ye la kan skg ni semua orang nak "pengalaman kerja" lebih 10 tahun ++ jadah dia... hahahahahahaha

but i know i'm such as l.se.r


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