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Tonsil Experience


Assalamualaikum guysss~

Okay cool so, today i want to share my favorite experience since i am still breathing *alhamdulillah ^^ so, i still have a chance to share it with you guys.

I will do it in Manglish which is Malay + English words mix up together in sentences so i am apologize for that. Let's start !

In 2013,

I always got sick which is sore throat and fever. But the worst scenario is my throat. Its hurting me so bad. I am easily sick if my throat start to swelling. Before this i also always got a fever which cause of my throat too and its not weird because they have connection between Ear, Nose and Tongue. How do i know it? Because the doctor told me.

Clinic and me is a very common place and the doctor know me well. The same medicine all over again until one day something new hit me and its really hurting me until i am crying that night without my family notice it.

Pada suatu malam,

I dah rasa macam something tak kena with my ears yang menyebabkan i…

Experience at MBO

What a great experience i got here ! It such as precious moment there seriously ~
So, currently I am doing a part time job at MBO . A lot of thing I learn and for me, its a really cool experience of working!

I stay at concession but also selling those ticket! I learn to use those machine. Ticket machine and also popcorn machine! Its cool sebab i suka popcorn so I really want to know how popcorn at cinema being made.

For the first day I am working as a learner . I'm watching how they're working while I been teaching from a senior who I call her Kak Fat. Hehehe. She is so kind ! She is teaching me from A to Z. I am from Zero to something. What can i say is, she's really sincere to teach me. She also very friendly but when it comes to work, she will be so strict and can make me scared too. But, she already explained to me, she will be so serious when it comes to work but if leisure time she will be so friendly.

Enough about her, next is about the popcorn! I really enjoy maki…

No Surname/ Family

Hey everybody!

I'm gonna share with you all some issues that happen on me :)

Do u ever book and the passport only have one name? No family or surname at all. What u gonna do? Yeah u can put the name twice on both box. Which is one on your first name and second on your family name. It shouldn't be any problem.

Middle name is an optional so don't worry ya

Pernah tak korang hadapi masalah di mana dalam passport ada satu nama je. Takde nama family cuma ada nama sendiri je? Korang nak booking kan untuk orang lain pun jadi issue kan. Korang boleh je book dan masukkan nama dia dua kali untuk kedua- kedua kotak nama yang ada. (Middle name tak perlu la nak masukkan) 

Middle name optional ye sayang

Untuk menyakinkan anda semua, saya pun pergi la live chat air asia but tengok la queuing number dia! dan kalau awak semua perasan waktu pukul berapa dan pengakhiran dia pukul berapa. Sangat lama sampaikan flight aku nak booking tu terus naik harga kepada RM900++

Untuk masuk ke live chat ni…