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Experience at MBO

What a great experience i got here ! It such as precious moment there seriously ~
So, currently I am doing a part time job at MBO . A lot of thing I learn and for me, its a really cool experience of working!

I stay at concession but also selling those ticket! I learn to use those machine. Ticket machine and also popcorn machine! Its cool sebab i suka popcorn so I really want to know how popcorn at cinema being made.

For the first day I am working as a learner . I'm watching how they're working while I been teaching from a senior who I call her Kak Fat. Hehehe. She is so kind ! She is teaching me from A to Z. I am from Zero to something. What can i say is, she's really sincere to teach me. She also very friendly but when it comes to work, she will be so strict and can make me scared too. But, she already explained to me, she will be so serious when it comes to work but if leisure time she will be so friendly.

Enough about her, next is about the popcorn! I really enjoy maki…